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From the time I was a young girl, I struggled with perfectionism, overwhelm, black and white thinking and the core belief that I wasn’t good enough…

When I became a teenager, I discovered dieting and learned that in our culture the most important way I could succeed or fail as a woman was by my ability to control my body. My struggles with perfectionism, black and white thinking and rumination came out with a vengeance.

I was constantly “on and off the wagon” with food – trying to be perfect, but then throwing the baby out with the bath water when I felt like I was “failing” at my diet du jour.​

I underperformed and procrastinated on things in my life because I was overfocused on attempting to control my weight. Finally, I chose to stop dieting. I worked to unravel the damage done to my body and mind from years of diets and body shame. 

Letting go of dieting relieved me of my biggest source of mind drama that I struggled with at that time…but I still found myself emotionally paralyzed with the familiar thought patterns of perfectionism, black and white thinking and spinning thoughts.

During my recovery, this manifested when I repeatedly turned the various tenants of intuitive eating into rules and essentially another diet. These setbacks gave me yet another way to judge myself and feel shame. 

After years of 2 steps forward and 1 step back with my recovery, I was introduced to a life coach specializing in ADHD. Every time she spoke I felt completely understood about things that were my deepest secrets – she seemed to “get” all the experiences I was dealing with. 

It didn’t occur to me at the time that my experiences might be a symptom of ADHD, but as I learned more about her work, everything started to click into place.

I was blown away by the sense of understanding I gained of my past choices and struggles when seen through the lens of ADHD. I realized that the combination of diet culture and my ADHD brain had created the perfect environment for my food and body struggles to be born and thrive. 

Today, I have the skills to free myself from paralyzing mind drama. I can identify my goals and follow through to achieve them. I can make decisions, take action, and not get stuck in the overwhelm of perfectionism and black and white thinking. And, I now work as a coach helping others to overcome these issues too.

You can thrive with ADHD. When you understand and recognize your ADHD traits, you can put yourself back into the driver's seat in your life.

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