Empower yourself to actively create the life you’ve always desired

With ADHD-specific coaching for high-achievers like you

From doubting to doing

You have your eye on a high-impact life. Your vision is strong. Energy is on fire. You’re ready to go. But your ADHD is holding you back. It’s making starting tasks tough and finishing them harder. It’s causing you to procrastinate, getting stuck in the mind drama of perfectionism. It’s straining your relationships, as one day is amazing and the next leaves you feeling low.

With coaching, you can step into the driver’s seat of your brain and channel your ADHD into:

Creating a fulfilling life that makes you proud

Taking control of procrastination and overwhelm, kicking them to the curb

Understanding how ADHD shows up in your life and create patterns that allow you to accept and love your unique brain

Communicating your needs, managing your emotions, and upholding boundaries with yourself and your loved ones

Noticing when your mind is spinning out of control, so you can stop it before heading headfirst into spiral-mode your needs, managing your emotions, and upholding boundaries with yourself and your loved ones

Feeling a deep sense of self-acceptance and self-respect because you know that you’re capable, brilliant, and successful exactly as you are

How We Can Work Together

The Revitalize Intensive

A Transformative 90-Minute Session

There’s a goal in your heart. It’s big. And you need a potent session to figure out how you’re going to get there by working with your strengths. By tapping into this wisdom, you can get there faster + happier, as this session will give you strategies and shifts to work toward your goal with ease.

What’s Included:

A 90-Minute Session to break down what you’re working on, shift your beliefs around it, and develop a plan to get there effectively

Investment: $175

The (Rewired) ADHD Brain

1:1 Coaching

You’re building a great life. You’re successful. High energy. Excited. But you also know your ADHD is holding you back. You feel overwhelmed a lot, not knowing how to get to where you want to be. With this close container, we’ll be rewiring your brain through mindset shifts and customized strategies, so your day-to-day life is easier, more fulfilling, in control, and exhilarating.

What’s Included:

4 Private Shifting Sessions Each Month

A Coach in Your Pocket ALL of The Time (aka Private Voxer Access During the 4 Months)

Personalized ADHD-Specific Strategies For Your Brain + Goals

A Teammate Who Wants to See You Thrive in Your Life

$3300 for 4 Months

(Payment plans available)

Anchor: Feel Secure In The Power of Your ADHD Brain

Group Program

You’re full of ideas. Your vibrance is unmatched. But in this quest for novelty and doing, it can be hard to feel grounded, secure, and focused on the things that need your attention most. Anchor surrounds you with high-achieving ADHDers, giving you everything you need to channel your brilliance into the impact you’ve always wanted to make.

What’s Included:

8-Weeks of ADHD-Specific Education and Coaching

A Full Path to Rewiring Your Brain

Lifetime Access to All Materials

A High-Achieving Community of People Similar to You

Investment: $600
Feel Secure In The Power of Your ADHD Brain

Welcome to Anchor. The group program that believes there’s magic in different.

Get uncomfortable to settle into comfort 

Your brain is racing a million miles per hour. So the thought of feeling grounded, calm, and secure in your mind sometimes feels like it’s 800 miles away. 

Anchor is the group program that helps you step into your power as a high-achieving ADHDer. It allows you to find your strengths, develop strategies and systems that work for you, and shift how you view yourself. 

Like a comforting hug. One that stems from your mind and affects every aspect of your life.

By signing up for Anchor, you will:

Actively create a life that feels calm and exciting simultaneously

Develop tools to reduce how often you procrastinate and feel overwhelmed

Reduce the amount of times your mind spirals out of control (because we’ve allllll been there)

Be surrounded by a private group of high-achieving ADHDers who want to support you to break through the ADHD ceilings and charge into your scariest goals

Communicate your needs to cultivate more ease in your relationships

Receive lifetime access to all course material

8 Weeks. Powerful shifts. A community that makes space for all of your brain.

Investment: $600

Happy (Thriving) Clients

Build your dream life. The one that sends chills running through when you think about it.

Your ADHD is your catalyst. But only if you let it be.

Coaching Application

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I will review this application and reach out to you to set up a totally free, no-strings-attached Consultation Call if I believe we are a perfect fit (or if I have questions for you).

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