Don’t work against your ADHD brain. Lean into its power.

Welcome to Anchor. Where thriving with a different brain becomes the norm.

Potential. If you hear that word one more time– you might scream.

You know what you want. Your mind is racing a million miles per hour telling you what you want and what to do. But how you’re going to do it? That’s where you’re stuck. That’s where your ADHD is blessing you with procrastination, overwhelm, and stuckness. 

Everyone tells you to get out there and go for it. Everyone tells you how ridiculously capable you are. They highlight your, wait for it, potential. But you can’t figure out how to do the thing. 

I hear you. And I got you.

Let’s get some things straight. You’re not someone to ‘fix.’ And ‘getting things under control’ looks very different for you than a neurotypical.

Being a high-achiever who feels hopeless when you think about your goals is a tough spot to be in. But you have power. You have brilliance. You have the power to feel grounded, calm, and secure in your mind. Even if that sentence feels 800 miles away. 

Your power lies in how you view yourself. How you use strategies to fuel your strengths. How you create systems that feel like springboards instead of chains. 

By anchoring into your mind instead of resisting it, you rise far beyond those four little letters.

Introducing: Anchor

The 8-week group program that believes there’s magic in different. And that by anchoring deeply into your strengths, values, and beliefs– you can manage your mind and live the aligned life you crave.

By joining Anchor, you can:

Actively create a life that feels calm and exciting simultaneously

Manage your ADHD traits so they’re not holding you back from your scariest goals

Get your life under control, but not in a do-this-thing neurotypical way

Feel better in your life, because it’s yours to craft your day-to-day experience

Develop a repeatable system that lets you be successful, no matter what you pursue

Overcome roadblocks that halted your progress in the past

Be immersed in an experience where high-achieving ADHDers break through the ceilings and start living the life that lights them up

Inside Anchor

By signing up for Anchor, you will:

Week 1: Practice the Pause

To start, we’re stopping. By learning to pause your mind and put a brief ‘halt’ to racing thoughts, you can scratch the surface of taking control of your brain.

Week 2: Accepting You

It’s easy to say mean things about your ADHD symptoms. But the first step to managing your mind is fully accepting who you are and the way your brain works.

Week 3: Change Your Actions

Change comes from action. And right now, you’re probably operating from patterns that aren’t serving you too well. We’re going to shift your emotions and therefore actions.

Week 4: Living Life on Purpose

You’re in the driver's seat. You can do what you put your mind to. But to do that, you have to live intentionally. Designing your vision and practicing essentialism.

Week 5: Time Management and Scheduling

Two words that are probably the bane of your existence. By learning how to create schedules that work for you and evaluating past schedules, you can optimize this process.

Week 6: How to Be Productive

Productivity is a process. And it’s one that looks different for you than it does for neurotypicals. By taking you through my process, you can tweak it to work for your brain.

Week 7: Tackling Self-Sabotage

Perfectionism. Impostor Syndrome. Procrastination. All fun little quirks of the ADHD brain. By learning how to fight these dream-stopping pests, you can start being on your own team.

Week 8: Learning How to Fail

Ending the program with failure? Yep. By changing your relationship with failure you can start seeing more success in your life.

Happy Stories

Who Anchor Is For?

Anchor is perfect for you, if you:

Are a driven, high-achieving woman who is newly diagnosed or unofficially diagnosed with ADHD

Are interested in exploring ADHD management beyond medication

Are committed to learning about your brain and taking control of your life

Have big goals, are a little scared of them, but know deep down that with a plan you can make them happen

This is not accountability coaching

Nothing wrong with a body double, am I right? But this program goes beyond accountability and helps you get to the root cause of your issues. Only when we start from the source can we remove obstacles that are pulling you away from your goals. 

You are the main character. Your mind is your fuel. You have the power to manage your mind, change your actions, and create the life you want.

ADHD doesn’t respond to ‘just do this.’ Giving you actions to take won’t get you far. It’s time for a holistic program that rewires the way you approach your life, define productivity, and achieve your goals.

Hi, I’m Erin

I used to feel so held back by my ADHD traits. I looked in the mirror and judged myself for every mistake I had ever made. Perfectionism. Self-Doubt. It all had such a strong hold on me. 

I have ADHD. But I didn’t know that when I was younger. So there was a core belief in me that said, you’re not good enough. I tried therapy, but it didn’t give me what I was looking for. What I needed. 

When I started working with a coach who specialized in ADHD, I felt like she got me. Not in an ‘oh, she understands my struggles’ way. But in a ‘how the HECK does she know my deepest secrets and biggest insecurities’ way. 

By taking my degree and experience in social work and combining it with my love of helping ADHDers thrive, my mission is to help high-achieving ADHDers like you free yourself from your own mind drama. It’s time to bridge the gap between where you are and the life you want to create.

So dang proud of these women

If you’re driven, you can drive. Your ADHD doesn’t call the shots, but it is the gas that lets you get there your way.

Anchor Into Your Strengths

By signing up for Anchor, you’ll get access to:

8-Weeks of ADHD-Specific Education and Coaching

Resources and Workbooks That Support Your Learning and Fuel Implementation

A Full Path to Rewiring Your Brain

Lifetime Access to All Materials

Investment: $600

Coaching Application

Thank you in advance for filling out this application! The best results come from amazing partnerships, and applications allow me to make sure I select those of you who I know I can help and who I believe will be most impacted by this work. 

I will review this application and reach out to you to set up a totally free, no-strings-attached Consultation Call if I believe we are a perfect fit (or if I have questions for you).

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